Flex Pack Products

Flex Pack builds a range of liquid filling machines for the Bag-in-Box (wine cask) package, drums and pails for most non-aerated liquid products. Listed below is the range of world-class products we offer. To learn more about these products and see their individual specifications, you can download its relevant PDF file.

Model #450

Automatic Filler

An automatic filler designed to fill 0.5–25 litre bags, pails, drums and bottles with liquid products. Compatible with C.I.P. systems.

Model #050

Manual Filler

Designed to fill all non-aerated liquid products into pails and drums from 2–25 litres. Available in several formats: table-top unit or free-standing frame on castors. This machine comes as a semi-auto or fully-automatic machine.

Model #100

Manual Filler

Designed to fill all non-aerated liquid products into bags, pails and drums from 2–200 litres. Related models also available: #110, #120.

Model #200

Single Head Filler

Designed to fill bags, pails and drums, suitable for filling most non-aerated liquids and is compatible with C.I.P. systems.

Model #300

Twin Head Filler

A twin-head high-speed filler capable of filing most liquids into bags from 2–1,000 litres. Using batch control via turbine or magnetic flowmeter, weigh scale. Related models also available: #310, #320.

Model #410

Drum/Pail Filler

A high-speed filling machine mounted on a trolley frame (fixed installation optional). Designed to fill containers (drums, pails, etc.) mounted on a pallet so they do not have to be lifted or palletised after filling. The boom pivots 180 degrees to reach across three to four pallets.

Model #500-02

IBC Filler

The revolutionary Intermediate Bulk Container is for the global transportation of a vast range of fluids. Our IBC units come in a wide range of formats. A single-station filling unit, a multi-station conveyor with single-head filler through to a fully-optioned system with multi-station conveyor and twin-head filler capable of continuous filling.

Model #800

Automatic Web Bag Filler

The fully-automatic Web Filler is designed to fill fluids into flexible plastic bags. The bags are supplied in a “continuous ribbon” or “web”. A high-speed filler typically used on fully-automatic production lines. Typical output speeds are up to 18 x 4 litre bags per minute and up to 12 x 10 litre bag per minute. Based on product flowrate of 4 litre per second.

Hazardous Products

Hazardous Product Filling Systems

The Hazardous Product Filler is designed to fill hazardous products into drums and IBCs.